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Protecting Our Families

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Protecting Our Families on the Internet

Links to Articles, Studies & Other Useful Websites

Protecting Our Families on the Internet - Class Handout  Note:  Due to differences in referencing copyrighted material in a class setting verses posting the same material online, I have substituted links to online source material in several places.  Here is a link to the ContentWatch article I included in the handout:  Tricks Pornographers Play

General Information

A Journey into Cyberspace  Is the Internet good or bad? Both. Despite all the horrific headlines about online isolation, violence, pornography, predators and commercialism, the Internet can be a valuable and entertaining resource if used properly.

Content Watch Learning Center  The Content Watch Learning Center includes numerous articles regarding all aspects of Internet safety.

Net Family News  A nonprofit public service providing "kid-tech news" for parents and educators.

P2P=Porn-to-Peer? Pornography & File-Sharing

Focus on the Family:  Internet Safety Quick Links

What Makes a Good Filter by ContentWatch

P2P Networking: Kidís Know. Do Mom and Dad? from Internet Filter Review


Government Accounting Office Report on Peer-to-peer File-sharing & Pornography

Palisade Systems Peer-to-Peer Study Results:  Porn Tops File Sharing Usage

The Online Life of Teenagers

Filtering Software Ratings

PC Magazine:  Internet Filtering Software

Top Ten Reviews Website:  Internet Filter Review 2005

Consumer Reports Article:  Filtering Software Ė June 2005

Filtered ISPs

A Clean Supply:  Filtered ISPs from Citizen Magazine

Router Based Filtering

Linksys Products  - Click on Services, under the Products Menu.  Select Parental Controls.

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